I started painting over 25 years ago, when I enrolled in an evening class whilst working in as an engineer in Chicago, USA. I love to paint views of places that I enjoy visiting and love dramatic coastlines as well as more peaceful views.
I paint in oils, and love the way with this medium you can add layers of paint to add texture and interest. I work with both brushes and palette knives, and also enjoy adding glazes to build depth into pieces of work.
Light is a key factor in all my work, be it the sunlight breaking through trees or reflections on the sea, again using my surroundings as inspiration in this work.

Greetings cards have been made of some of my paintings, which can be purchased at the Post Office in Saltford (476a Bath Rd, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3DJ). Prints can also be ordered from me for many pieces of my work ... please contact me to ask.

Previous Exhibitions:
Summer 2018 - New British Art Gallery, North Creake in Norfolk
October 2018 - Bath University "Visions in Science" Exhibition
16th June 2019 - Saltford Old Village Day Street Market
19th August 2019 to 1st September 2019 - 44AD Art Gallery, Bath.
24th September 2019 to 5th November 2019 - Guildhall, Bath.

I am also a member of Bathampton Art Group, www.bathamptonart.com, and exhibitions are held by this group twice yearly.